PCB Manufacture
PCB Manufacture
PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly
Components Sourcing
Components Sourcing
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We provide Quick-Turn PCB prototyping, and high volume PCB manufacturing service, including HDI PCB, High-Tg PCB, Heavy-Copper PCB, Halogen-Free PCB as standard options, and more special PCBs such as blind holes, buried holes, buried&blind via PCB etc. We own 8,000㎡ of High-Tech circuit board manufacturing that meets ROHS and REACH environmental standards. And we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485.
PCB Assembly
Based on our 3000 square meter SMT/PCB assembly factory, we equip with advanced devices with SPI, Online AOI and X-ray inspection machine to achieve high-quality and have passed international certifications with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485. Produce 8 million points daily to meet various partners' customized PCB assembly demand, with standard production and scientifically layout the batch and sample production lines.
Components Sourcing
To think at partners' side and match our PCB assembly service, our professional teams with 20+ BOM engineers and purchasers are ready to support you in BOM optimizing, component alternative suggestion and other component solution. We cooperate with hundreds of original factories and first-level agents to ensure the components originality, authority and stability. We conduct restrict and standard IQC inspection for the incoming materials to guarantee the product development, proofing and bulk delivery.
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PCB manufacture and PCB assembly in braking, steering, power, new energy motor, inverter, automatic driving assistance system, body electronics, in-vehicle entertainment facilities, navigation…

Medical Equipment Pcba

Medical Equipment

Professional one-stop PCB assembly in medical equipment, such as blood glucose meters, blood analyzers and other testing equipment, with one-stop PCBA solutions from PCB manufacturing to assembly…

Industrial Control Pcba

Industrial Control

Turnkey PCB assembly service provider in programmable controller PLC, touch screen, industrial computer, contactor, thermal relay, motor, frequency converter, button, indicator light, relay…



Intelligent PCB assembly in artificial intelligence industry serving for sensors, smart home appliances, smart wearables, door control systems, smart screens…

Instumentation pcba


High-Precision PCB assembly in measuring tools, marine instruments, aviation instruments, navigator, driving devices, radio tester, carrier microwave tester, geological exploration tester…



One-stop PCB assembly solution for your high-end routers, switches and storage (cloud computing), base stations (4G/5G/Wimax/LTE), antennas, filters, power amplifiers…

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Shenzhen PCB ELECTRONICS LTD, founded in 2006, is a proficient PCB manufacturer along with PCB assembly service as a National High-Tech Enterprise. Based on our PCB factory in Jian, Jiangxi, we produce 1-40L PCB precisely and densely. Equipped with our 6 SMT lines, we are remarkable in PCB assembly among vast industries...
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PCB & PCBA One-Stop Intelligent Manufacturer
Address: 2F, Building C, Suojia Science and Technology Park, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518102
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