How to Learn Spanish Online for Free

Quick Answer

At, our goal is to provide our users the best resources for learning Spanish online. Whether you’ve been using for a little while or are just starting out, this guide will help you get the most out of our site.

Grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary are the primary building blocks for learning a foreign language. Let’s take a look at the resources offers to help you build your proficiency!

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Verb Tenses and Conjugation

Present, preterite, imperfect, present perfect… Don’t let the plethora of Spanish verb tenses scare you out of learning the language. Let’s learn all about verb tenses and conjugations one step at a time.

Under the “Grammar” tab on, you will find articles on all the different tenses in Spanish. Within each article, you will find information on how and when to use the tense, as well as the conjugation rules. But that’s not all! Many articles are accompanied by a series of engaging lessons that reinforce the information given in the article by putting the information in authentic context. Cool, right?

Want to master Spanish verb conjugations? Check out our conjugation drills!


In addition to information on the verb tenses, there are hundreds of articles offering clear explanations and engaging lessons on the most important grammatical topics. Under the “Grammar” tab, you can find information on the most essential topics, such as ser vs. estar and por vs. para. But don’t stop there! Once you have covered the most essential topics, don’t forget you can find many more articles by using the search bar.


Under the “Vocabulary” tab, there are hundreds of lists to enrich your Spanish vocabulary. The lists are in a quiz-style format, but you will have more than one chance to answer correctly! If you get an answer wrong, you will be quizzed on the word again, ensuring that you have learned the word. Make sure your audio is on so you can hear the pronunciation of the words. In addition to the curated vocabulary lists, gives you the option to create your own custom lists or import words from Quizlet.


You can study Spanish verb tenses and grammar until the cows come home, but you really won’t be able to speak Spanish without proper pronunciation. Under the “Pronunciation” tab, you’ll learn how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet, vowels, tricky words, and more!

Word of the Day

Download the app and you will see a new word in Spanish on the home page every day! On the desktop version, find these words under the “Word of the Day” tab. Learning the words of the day will help you expand and deepen your vocabulary in Spanish!