How to Say "Goodbye" in Spanish

Quick Answer

Adiósis probably the most common way to say goodbye in Spanish, but there are also many more ways to bid someone farewell. Let’s learn some of them!

Common Ways to Say Goodbye

In the following list, you’ll find common ways to say goodbye that can be used for almost any occasion.

Hasta luego.
See you later.
Take care.

To see these goodbyes in action, let's take a look at a dialogue between two doctors who don’t know each other very well.

Dr. Smith:
Ya me despido. Cuídese.
I’m leaving now. Take care.
Dr. Jones:
Igual usted. Adiós.
You too. Goodbye.

When traveling or living in Spain, you might hear hasta siempre, which is a very formal way to bid someone a final farewell. Reserve this good-bye only when you know it might be the last time you’ll see someone for a long time.

The very informal form of this phrase is hasta nunqui, (literally a shortened form of hasta nunca), which can be a lighthearted way to joke about never wanting to cross paths with someone again.

Informal Ways to Say Goodbye

In the list below, you’ll find other ways to say goodbye that are more informal.

Nos vemos.
See you.
Hasta luego.
See you later.
Hasta pronto.
See you soon.
Take care of yourself.
Que tengas un buen día.
Have a great day.
Que pases un buen día.
Have a great day.
Hasta la próxima.
Until next time.
Nos vemos mañana.
See you tomorrow.

Let’s look at an example dialogue between two work friends that know each other well.

Adiós. Nos vemos mañana.
Bye. See you tomorrow.
Ok, hasta luego.
Ok, see you later.

Very Informal Ways to Say Goodbye

In the list below, you’ll find very informal ways to say goodbye in Spanish. Make sure you reserve these farewells for close friends and acquaintances.

Luego nos vemos.
See you around.
Que te bañes.
See ya later.
Allí nos vemos.
See you around.
Nos vemos por ahí.
See you around.
Good luck.
Ya me voy.
I'm out.

If you find yourself in Mexico, don’t be surprised if someone responds no te mocheswhen you tell them buenas noches. Literally translated, they’re telling you to not cut yourself in half after wishing them goodnight. Don’t take it personally; similar to the way we say see you later, alligator, Buenas noches. - No te moches is a playful exchange used between Mexicans primarily because it’s fun to say. You’ll also find similar rhymes in morning and afternoon greetings as well:


Buenos días. - No te rías.
Good morning. - Don’t laugh.

Buenas tardes - No te tardes.
Good afternoon. - Don’t be late.

Finally, let’s examine a sample conversation between two close friends that know each other quite well to see how they bid each other farewell.

Bueno, ya me voy.
Okay, I’m out.
Ok, allí nos vemos.
Ok, see you around.